Why MBBS Study in Bangladesh is Better Compared to Other Countries

MBBS Study from Bangladesh
Must Read ! MBBS Study in Bangladesh is Better Compared to MBBS in China or MBBS in Russia

Study MBBS in Bangladesh

If you have decided to take MBBS degrees overseas, the next important step is to decide which country is the best for that purpose. If you are looking for low fees MBBS, Bangladesh is the best destination. Even though the cost is much cheaper compared to other colleges in other countries, Bangladesh has one of the best MBBS programs in the world.

Most Indian students plan to go Russia or China for MBBS degree. But actually you don’t have to go so far to go to a great medical school because Bangladesh can be a nice choice. There are 83 reputable medical colleges in this country which consist of 29 public and 54 private colleges. You will have a lot of freedoms in choosing which college suits you the most. Here are some reasons why MBBS in Bangladesh can be the best decision for your future.

Bangladesh Medical Education similar as India

Here significant points why MBBS Study in Bangladesh is Better Compared to Other Countries :-

MBBS Study in Bangladesh

Cheaper Living Cost

MBBS fees in Bangladesh are one of the cheapest in the world. It is even cheaper than MBBS fees in India. Moreover, the living cost is also pretty much the same with India. It can be a good option for those who aspire to practice medicine but cannot afford its extremely high college fees.

Better Chance to Pass MCI Screening Test

To practice medicine in India, an overseas MBBS graduate must pass MCI screening test. You will have higher chance of passing the exam because the curriculum you study in Bangladesh is very similar with the curriculum in India.

Furthermore, the medical cases in both countries are also pretty much the same. It means, once you pass the test and get your medical license in India, you will have more understandings and experiences on the cases you might work on as a doctor. You may ask yourself why MBBS Study in Bangladesh is Better Compared to Other Countries. 

Similar Cultures and Languages

One of the biggest challenges about studying overseas is the culture shock and language barrier. Concentrating in studying medicine can be even more difficult since you have to adapt with the new environment as well as studying the new language.

You don’t have to go through all those difficulties if you study MBBS in Bangladesh 2020.

We know that Bangladesh has similar cultures and climates with India so you will not experience culture shock. Yes, even in Russia or China the classes are taught in English, but the accents can be very different with what you used to hear so it can be hard to understand.

Due to those reasons above, taking MBBS in Bangladesh is a very great decision for your future. You can get a high quality medical study with very low college fees.

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